4 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's This Year

4 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's This Year

A little birdy told me that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Sigh, I know, such a conflicting day. Who wants to pander to the greeting card companies? Well you, if you know what's good for you. Valentine’s Day, while totally and utterly commercial, is a reminder to us all that we need to show our love to those most special to us. Even the hardest of hearts will melt when you surprise them with a gift or gesture of love. Here is our run down on a few easy (but absolutely wonderful) things you can do for your love this Valentine’s Day.

The Classic

Flowers are a Valentine’s Day classic. You can’t go wrong with a bunch of roses or even a single red rose. If your girl/guy is a little less traditional try some Australian natives or ask your florist to design a bouquet for you. We love Enoggera Flowers for all things floral. 

If flowers are too expensive then have a look around your neighbourhood. I know in the parks surrounding my house there are lots of native trees and flowers. Watch this Youtube video on how to make a professional looking bouquet.

The Tasty

Who can pass up a box of cupcakes? I sure can’t. We have put together a gorgeous box of cupcakes that just screams love (like, literally). Our Valentine’s boxes have chocolate and red velvet cupcakes with our signature sweet buttercream and topped with love. Add a single red rose to your order and have it delivered to your loved ones office. Just don’t expect any of them to make it home!!


Renee at Box Betty knows a thing or two about putting together gift boxes. Last Valentine’s, she wrote a wonderful blog post about making your own special gifts for your loved one. Check out the blog post here. Simple, inexpensive but full of love. I especially love the jar full of love notes. Wouldn’t we all love to receive something so thoughtful (hint, hint)?

The What I Really Want

Dinner in a restaurant for Valentine’s might seem a little traditional, but let me tell you, the idea of someone else cooking and cleaning up sounds like heaven. Unfortunately this year Valentine’s falls on a Wednesday which is not exactly convenient for dining out. Instead, why not plan a night out on the Friday night, but surprise him/her with it on Valentine’s. That way she/he can get all dressed up, a babysitter can be found and you don’t have to get up for work the next morning. If a night out is not your thing, then plan a night in. Netflix and chill baby :). Order in (they created Ubereats for these kinds of nights), choose a classic movie like It’s A Beautiful Life or Some Like It Hot and snuggle on the couch all night.

No matter what you choose to do remember it is all about love. Hate the day if you must but don’t hate love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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