Baking International Women's Day into your Office

Baking International Women's Day into your Office

As a cake business owner, I am always thrilled to see all the ways an office can celebrate it's employees. I remember working in many offices, both in Brisbane and London, and celebrating successes or recognising an event/national day was only ever done amongst the line staff. When I moved into middle management, I realised how difficult it was to get support and/or money to introduce these things into my department. Now I have the pleasure of planning and making amazing treats that celebrate staff members all over Brisbane. That is something truly special.

Along with individual and department success, national days of recognition are super important in any companies calendar. One of the biggest days of the year (certainly for us) is International Women's Day. It is a special occasion celebrated around the world on March 8th, to recognize and honour the achievements of women in various fields and to call for gender equality.

In an office setting, it's a great opportunity to show appreciation for your female colleagues and to create a supportive and inclusive work environment. One fun and creative way to celebrate International Women's Day in the office is by having a special treat in the form of specially designed International Women's Day corporate cupcakes. These cupcakes can be decorated with a theme that celebrates women's strength, courage, and resilience, and can be enjoyed by everyone in the office.

Corporate catering can also play a big role in creating a festive atmosphere and spreading positivity. You can organize a special International Women's Day lunch or a breakfast. A spread of delicious foods, drinks, and snacks can provide a great opportunity for colleagues to connect, share stories, and build relationships.

In addition to cupcakes and catering, you can also organize fun activities to mark the occasion. You can host a trivia game on women's history, a workshop or seminar on women's leadership, or a panel discussion on women's empowerment. These activities will not only educate and inspire but also create a sense of community and belonging among female colleagues.

Celebrating International Women's Day in the office is a great way to show appreciation for your female colleagues and create a supportive and inclusive work environment. From one former female employee to you, trust me, it makes a world of difference to be allowed to celebrate your gender in an open and positive way.

If we can help you celebrate your staff and colleagues, then drop us line. Call us on 0426 503 875 or email Don't forget we have our cupcakes and cookies on our website for ordering. 

Happy International Women's Day 2023!

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