Client Gifting with BAW

Client Gifting with BAW

BAW: A Case Study

Corporate gifting for BAW was well executed with a plan in place for what to send, who to send it to and how to follow up. BAW's plan was to raise awareness of their software to help accountants. They wanted to send a box of cupcakes to various accounting firms around Australia. When they started, we were in the throes of COVID and the southern states were suffering the most. They decided to concentrate on Brisbane and Perth to start with. The plan was to send boxes out each week but alternate between cities. It would be easier for their team to keep on top of the companies they contacted and if one city was sent into lockdown, they would increase orders in the other city.

We worked together to design their boxes and make sure that they were consistent with the boxes being sent in Perth by another company. They chose our mixed cupcakes for their variety. They used the branding of their software as their edible image and requested a ribbon to be tied around each box. To finalise their boxes they asked for stickers to go on each box directing them to the Practice Manager/Managing Director and to include one flyer with information about the software in each box. We store the flyers onsite to make it easy to include them in the orders.

As BAW were sending large volumes of cupcakes to places all over Brisbane and surrounds, they provided us with an excel spreadsheet with all the details we need to send out the orders. Their cupcake gift box was a box of 6 with edible toppers, flyer included and tied with a ribbon. We added the addresses and contact names from their spreadsheet and sent them on their requested day. They sent between 10 and 20 boxes on each run and they would all be delivered on the same day.

So their sales team could follow up the prospective client, they asked for the delivery notification to be sent direct to their email with the delivery picture attached (due to COVID, we take pictures of deliveries rather than signatures). It was easy enough for us to forward our courier's confirmations as they came through. 

BAW's corporate gifting and client prospecting plan is well thought out and well executed. Their success lies in planning and knowing what outcomes they want to achieve and being able to measure their success.

To start planning your gifts, think of the following:

  • Who are you sending gifts to?
  • When to send the gifts? Are their times to avoid or are they time sensitive?
  • What to send? - pick one or two things that are appropriate and stick with that
  • Where does it need to be sent? - consider grouping in similar areas
  • Do you want to add a notecard or flyer? - most gifting companies will not include the billing information so make sure your client knows who it is from
  • Branding - how will your edible images look?
  • Ribbon - will a ribbon complete the package?
  • On delivery day, how will you follow up?
  • Dont send so many that you can't follow up all of them effectively

Start planning!

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