Corporate Catering at Little Birdy

Corporate Catering at Little Birdy

Little Birdy Cakes, in April, celebrated it's 6th year in business. In my head, I had decided that by year 7 we would have things figured out. It's like thinking that when you reach 30, you'll have your life figured out lol. Why those numbers or that point in life? Seems so arbitrary. Those of us who have reached those milestones (or before), know that life doesn't work that way. You never have things figured out, at least not in the way you think you will. But we are always learning and I hope that never stops.

 Corporate Catering with Camille's Kitchen and Little Birdy Cakes

Throughout our journey, I have listened to what our customers have said and tried my best to offer products and a service that goes above and beyond people's expectations. Catering has been on my radar for sometime but the timing just hasn't been right (COVID anyone?). Having collaborated previously with Sarah from Camille's Kitchen with an overwhelmingly positive result, it only seemed natural to work together again. I am so excited and thrilled to be expanding the Little Birdy line up and to be working with someone as fabulous as Sarah.


Sarah and I first crossed paths when we both worked out of Wandering Cooks years ago in West End. I think our first meeting was one night when I was running late and hadn't finished cleaning the kitchen by the end of my allotted time. She was the next kitchen user after me and she was so chill about it (knowing her now, I'm pretty sure she wasn't so chill on the inside lol). We continued to have our kitchen times cross over many times over the following year and I learnt what an awesome operator she is. Not only does she know her flavours and her food is amazing but she is incredibly generous with her knowledge and her time.

 Corporate Catering, working lunch

One of the things I have learned over my years of business is that people want things to be simple, easy and they want reliability. It is these values that I have built Little Birdy on. Making someone else's life easier by making the buying process simple and delivering on what we promise makes it all worth while. When we designed the menu with Camille's Kitchen, we took the same approach. We don't have to sell everything under the sun and we don't have to be everything to everyone. Our aim is to provide delicious food that is easy to order, there is no confusion about what you are getting and it is delivered on time.


Sarah's menu is curated to cover a variety of catering options across a typical corporate workday. From breakfast and morning tea bites through to filling lunches and grazing boxes. Presented in beautiful kraft brown recyclable boxes, making it easy to present, easy to serve and easy to clean up. No two orders will be the same with a variety of sandwich fillings and small bite options.


It is such a thrill to tread this new path with Sarah and see Little Birdy head in a direction I have wished for for so long.


Check out our menu here and place your first order to see what all the fuss is about.


For quotes, call Robyn on 0426 503 875 or email at

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