Generating quality leads

Generating quality leads


What is the best way to capitalise on what you already have?

There is usually a tipping point in any growing business where you have a consistent amount of leads that come to you without you having to chase individual customers. A good SEO strategy, a growing brand awareness, excellent reviews, consistent & engaging content and good word of mouth, can turn the tide. But it isn’t easy getting to that point. When you first start, no one knows who you are. I started with one business on my books and I had to hit the pavement (literally) to find my next few clients. There were a lot of no’s, a lot of people who didn’t want to talk to me and a lot of hard work. No regrets from me as those conversations in the early days helped tailor what we offer today. However it did make me look differently at the time and money spent generating new leads.

How do you thank those people who are your cheerleaders?
When you buy from a small business, there is someone doing a happy dance

Since our opening, we have worked with some amazing people who have become our biggest advocates. When we get a referral from a client, we are over the moon. “When you buy from a small business, there is someone doing a happy dance”, this is me when someone orders because of a recommendation from one of our clients. It is such a testament to us that we must be doing something right! So we decided to launch a referral program so we can reward those people who refer business to us. Who can say no to a free cake?

It’s a win win!

From April, we are offering a free cake to anyone who refers our birthday reminder service when the referred company signs up. The referred company will also receive their first cake free of charge! It is a win win. You don’t have to be a member of our reminder service to receive a free cake either. Referral cards will begin to appear with your cake orders from April as a reminder of our offer. You can hand over the card to anyone you think would benefit from our birthday cake service. The card has a code they can use. We always ask our new clients where they heard about us but don’t forget to remind them to let us know it was you who whispered in their ear.  

Warm leads

Our hope is to generate some ongoing leads from those that already love what we do. A warm lead is far better than a cold lead and we love to reward our regulars. Do you have a referral program in your business? We would love to hear how you make it work!

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