Staff Birthday Cake Delivery Automation

Staff Birthday Cake Delivery Automation

Life is busy, it doesn't ever stop. From home duties to work duties, there is an endless list of things to get done. One of the greatest things that I have found that helps keep my world moving forward is a system of reminders and automations. I have my dog food on automatic delivery, I get sent a reminder when our kitchen pest control is due and my filter guy turns up when our filters need changing. Of all the things that need to get done, I never worry about them. Someone else is taking care of it for me.

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Our Reminder Service

Which is why at Little Birdy, we take care of your staff birthdays. It can be a long list and it is forever changing. With a few simple details, we can track your staff birthdays, let you know when each is approaching and send you a delicious cake on the day. It's all made simple with our Reminder Service. This is automation with minimal effort, a set and forget task.


How It Works

Once you sign up, we take your list of staff members and their birth dates and load it into our system. A week or two before the birthday, we send you an email to let you know that someone in your office has a birthday approaching. We list out the cakes and cupcakes on offer. If you need a delivery, you confirm the date and which option you would like to order and we do the rest. On the day, a delicious, handmade cake is delivered to your office ready to be enjoyed by the whole team. Not only that, we offer gluten free/vegan cupcakes to cater for those with dietary requirements. This forms part of your standard order and is always delivered with your cake unless you let us know there is a change. That way, no one is ever forgotten and no one misses out.


We also personalise the cakes with a happy birthday message with the birthday persons name. Just to make them feel extra special.



All our cakes are hand delivered by local couriers who know the roads of Brisbane and if you are in the CBD, they know those buildings like the back of their hands. We work with your delivery times so just let us know when you need the cake to arrive and we will do everything in our power to get it there on time.


This is like a subscription but on steroids. You are not required to order on each occasion and there is no penalty for not ordering. Just let us know if you don't require a delivery and we will cancel the reminder.


Staff Lists

We update your staff lists every 6 months. But if you have a high turnover of staff or would prefer more regular check ins, we can make that happen. Let us know what works best for you and your business. We are more than happy to accommodate.



You don't want to receive reminders any more? No problem, let us know and we will remove you from the system.


No more running to the bakery last minute or having to navigate difficult websites with 100s of options and clunky ordering systems. Know what you are getting and when you are getting it. Let us remind you so you can concentrate on the more important things!


Do you want to sign up to our reminder service? Go to, fill in your details and we will be in touch!


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