Little Birdy Reminder Service

Little Birdy Reminder Service

What is a reminder service?

Our reminder service helps businesses manage the task of ordering birthday cakes. We offer variety in cake flavours (we change our flavours each month), deliver to offices and help you keep track of each birthday.

When you sign onto our reminder service, we track all your staff birthdays. Whether that be a monthly celebration or for each individual birthday. We also have clients who celebrate their staff anniversaries which we track for them. A week to two weeks before each celebration, we send an email or call you to check if you need an order. There is no obligation to order on each occasion, if someone wants a cheesecake or pavlova, we won’t penalise you.

We will let you know what cake flavours we have and confirm the delivery date. There is no need to place an order each time as we have all your details on file. We then issue an invoice which can be paid by credit card, PayPal or direct debit. If you are constantly having to use your personal credit card and then claim back your expenses, this will reduce your time. We can even email invoices direct to your accounts team for payment.

As a reminder service member, you receive $5 off our retail price of cakes (not including cupcakes) and if you order additional cakes that are not on your list, the discount will be applied. If the reminder service does not work for you, you can cancel any time without being penalised.

Why did we create a birthday reminder service?

You don’t often think about cake solving a pain point. Before Little Birdy Cakes came in to existence, I decided that I wanted to move my cake business into the corporate sector. It was something I was overly familiar with, having worked most of my career in a corporate setting. I felt there was a hole in the market. I know it was something that I struggled with when trying to celebrate the birthdays of my team members.

Upon talking to some small and medium sized businesses about how they use cakes and what their pain points were, our reminder service was born. Our early adopters of the service were massively influential on how we developed the service. As the business has progressed, we have looked at other pain points revolving around cakes and we have tried to address these (e.g. corporate cupcakes, slab cakes). 

How do you sign up?

If taking the pain out of ordering birthday cakes sounds like a great idea, then jump over to our reminder service page and fill in your details. We will be in touch to discuss your team and how to join the reminder service. Do you have more questions? Email me at or call me on 0426 503 875. I would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Already on our reminder service?

If you are already on our reminder service and you think it is wonderful, your referrals are the best compliment. Refer another business to our service and you will receive your next cake FREE when they sign up. The business you refer will also receive their first cake FREE!

Do you have another pain point that needs addressing? We would love to hear about it, email me at

Until your next order, have a wonderful work week!


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