Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet Cake

Where did it start?

A long time ago (in another life), I lived in London and whenever I got the chance I would stroll the streets of Paddington. My destination? The Hummingbird Bakery on Portobello Road. At the time, they only had the one store and it was a true experience. Lines were out the door, the display cabinets were full and so colourful and you couldn’t help but buy everything in sight. I often walked out with 6 or more cupcakes just for myself. I couldn’t help it, they were so yummy. But no matter what combination of flavours I ordered, Red Velvet was always top of my list.   Even when I moved to the other side of London, I still made a regular journey to The Hummingbird Bakery to get my fix. I got my partner hooked too. Then, I bought their first cook book and I only had eyes for the Red Velvet cupcakes. I made so many batches of that recipe I eventually knew it off by heart.

The perfect time!

It was my Red Velvet cupcakes that first caused a stir in my corporate office in Brisbane when I eventually moved back to Australia. My work mates raved about them and my passion for cakes was born. But no matter how many cakes I made, the Red Velvet cake remained my favourite. This beauty of a cake even earned me one of my first clients who is still a client today. I have been waiting for the right time to release this delicious cake so you all can enjoy it. And finally it is here! June is the perfect time to have our Red Velvet Cake as one of our cakes of the month.

My work mates raved about them and my passion for cakes was born.
Why Red Velvet?

What makes a Red Velvet Cake so special? Well, the cake is based on a vanilla sponge cake but has a dash of cocoa in it that gives it a rich, luxurious taste. The addition of bicarb and vinegar right at the last minute makes the cake light and fluffy. Paired with a smooth cream cheese buttercream (is there anything better?) it is a combination made in heaven. Add to it, it’s striking appearance with a dark red cake and bright white icing and you simply can not help but dig in.  

Try it now!

If you have never tasted a Red Velvet Cake then this is the time to give it a go. Your team mates will love you for it. You will forever be looking for that deep red cake colour in any cake cabinet just hoping they have a slice. Talk to us today about how we can help you celebrate with your team and get them all addicted to Red Velvet Cake.

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