RUOK Day 2022

RUOK Day 2022

R U OK day is the national day to check in on the people in our life and start a meaningful conversation around mental health. It’s a timely reminder that everyday is the day to ask, R U OK?

Mental health is a topic close to my heart. Having my own mental health struggles and watching family and friends go through it, I am passionate about speaking up and sharing my story. Letting people know it’s ok not to be ok but most importantly, letting myself know, it’s ok not to be ok. Because quite often, we are quick to help others but don’t always help ourselves or let ourselves know that we don’t have to be on it all the time.

Each year, the day before RUOK day is manic. Year on year we send out more and more cupcakes and it gives me such pleasure to do so. Knowing that companies across Brisbane are allowing time and space for these very important discussions in the workplace is reassuring. But it can’t stop there. The day is here to remind us that we need to be checking in with our family, friends and colleagues whenever we see they are not doing ok.

So how can you help the discussion this year? Think about ways to highlight the day for your colleagues. Awareness is where it starts. But don’t stop there. Think about sharing your own experiences even if it’s something little, it might not seem little to someone else. A morning tea, an afternoon tea or even a lunch.

This year we are offering a number of cupcake options for the day as well as our catering products. Available in two sizes, our cupcakes come in regular and mini. All with the RUOK edible image. 

RUOK Day is 8th September 2022

For resources go to:

To order cupcakes with RUOK Day edible images go to: RUOK Cupcakes 

To order catering for RUOK Day go to: Corporate Catering 

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