Send Your Signature Thank You To Your Clients

Send Your Signature Thank You To Your Clients

Gifting in business is an age-old technique to show appreciation and generate business. Whether it is something you do ongoing throughout the year or send out annually, gifting can be an effective way to create interest in your business, finalise projects and say thank you.

The difficult part for a lot of companies is there is no process in place to make gifting happen on a regular basis. I find it incredibly difficult to send out gifts because I get so overwhelmed by the options online. But once I have set up a process, the parameters on what to send and to who, and select a few suppliers of choice, it happens without really thinking.

A core part of our business is to create gorgeous and delicious gifts that are sent all over Brisbane. We specialise in creating your perfect gift box, adding your personalised note, tying it up with a ribbon and hand delivering it to your client.

Here is one of our favourite clients and how they thank their clients.

 Associated Cleaning Services

A long term reminder service client of ours came to us and asked if we could print their logo and send some cupcake boxes to their clients. Of course we said yes. They wanted help designing a topper that included their logo and the words Thank You. Once the image was approved, we created a template for their toppers and attached it to each of their orders.  

The company designed two professionally printed card which were delivered to us and we keep in the kitchen for the orders. When they place an order, they let us know which note goes with the order and we include it in the delivery.

Their preferred option is a box of mixed cupcakes. These boxes are perfect for sharing in the office as there is always something for everyone. A selection of cupcake flavours that change each month, presented in our classic black boxes and available in multiple sizes.

The ordering process is super simple, they send us an email with the details of the person or company they want to say thank you to.

    • contact person

    • contact number

    • delivery address

    • size of cupcake box

    • when to deliver

    • new client/referral

We take care of the rest. We place the order, add their topper and notecard, deliver the cupcakes and let them know once it has been delivered and send them an invoice once a month so they don't receive too many invoices.

With a system in place, it is easier for all parties. Have you thought about how you say thank you to your clients?

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