The Co. in Little Birdy & Co

The Co. in Little Birdy & Co

This year, Little Birdy Cakes became Little Birdy & Co. While some things haven't changed, a few things have. One of the wonderful new changes is that we now have some fabulous partners bringing you even more delicious food to get you through your work day.

Working as a sole owner and operator of a company can be very lonely. You have to make all the decisions yourself and if you don't do it, it won't get done. But along my journey I have met some wonderful business owners who have supported me and been my rock when I have been down. Two that have stuck with me are Sarah from Camille's Kitchen and Tanya from Indie Bakehouse. It is my absolute pleasure to have them alongside me and to bring their delicious food to you.

Expanding our range into catering has been on the cards for a while and I am so excited to deliver Sarah's food to our clients. Sarah is a wizard in the kitchen. Her food is like coming home, wrapped in a blanket and beside a warm fire. Even her sandwiches taste like love. There is nothing better than working in a kitchen and having the smell of roasted pork wafting through the kitchen. Trust me, the smells are insane.

Tanya has an infectious laugh that makes you smile even on a bad day. She has a way of making everything alright even when it is not. Her sourdough bread is her forte (and it is so damn delicious) but she also makes an insane vegan cake. We are so thrilled to have her vegan cake as part of our line up.

So we are now a Co. as we are in fabulous company of great women and even better food.


Check out Sarah's catering: Corporate Catering

Check out Tanya's vegan cake: Vegan Cake

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