Three Coffee Day

Three Coffee Day

5am start? Not today

My alarm went off at 5am this morning. Monday to Thursday I get up and go for a run. I know, some may say that is crazy but it is my sanity relief. It helps me get through the day and calms me down. 5am is the only time in the day that I can fit it in. I am happy to sacrifice some sleep to do it. But this morning I didn’t hesitate. The alarm was switched off. No run today. 5.45am my daughter comes in fully dressed for school and asking for my help to put her porridge in the microwave (it is up high). By 6.30am, my son is awake. By 8am it is time to get out the door for school drop off and I have managed to cook tonight’s dinner, prep tomorrow nights dinner, vacuum the whole house, answer three emails, get the kids to clean their rooms and make their beds. Now can you understand the coffee’s?

I miss the simple things

The toast is indulgent and I shouldn’t do it but I need some comfort. My life revolves around a relatively gluten free, dairy free, corn free, yeast free and legume free existence. Due to intolerances I have to keep these things to a minimum. I like most of the stuff that I eat as it is good for my body and my mind but there are some of the simple things that I miss i.e. vegemite on toast. I love the way the toast gets soft from the butter and the saltiness of the vegemite makes any bad day seem ok. 

The need for toast

Ok, I admit, the toast is a result of being held hostage by my 4 year old. On the way to school drop off, he decided he had something to say but he didn’t say anything. Then he got upset as my daughter said something. It was his “turn” to speak and everyone was speaking over him. I asked him what he wanted to say and he said that we had made him “not remember”. But we couldn’t say anything until he remembered, which he didn’t. I would like to say this is a one off occurrence but it isn’t.

So today is not a day for reaching great heights and smashing impossible goals. But that is ok. We all have days like that. For me I reach for things I know I can achieve. It still moves me forward but maybe doesn’t have the big impact I normally look for. When big ideas hit me, I put them on my issues list and leave them for another day. Trying to pursue them today will only lead to heart break. Today will be about the menial tasks that I put off. Labelling boxes, making gum paste toppers, filling out bank forms (that have been sitting on my desk since Nov!!), finalising flyers and getting to those emails that aren’t urgent but still need to be done.


What do you do on your bad days to keep the wheels turning?

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